January, 8th 2014 – With a bright smile and with satisfaction and pride Tanja Krodel and Anja Riesenberg, founders of Studio.12, welcome their guests to the opening celebration of Munichs first Barre-Fusion studio, THE newest workout trend from the USA. As their location they picked an old residential building in an art nouveau style in Bogenhausen, a sterling city part of Munich. “Here we are close to our clients and can offer them a challenging sports program in an exclusive ambient”
The Year 2010: Then, still an insider tip in the fitness scene, Barbara Becker tells Tanja about a new, unique workout, which brings completely new and fast training results. It takes something to challenge and fascinate the two power women Tanja and Anja. Though, they can look back on more than 25, or 15 years of trainer activity.
Shortly after the two sat in an airplane to New York to get their own idea of the Barre training. At Exhale the passion for Barre, or Core Fusion as they call it there, rose in them. They experienced an entirely new trainings feeling with a certain “wow”-effect. In only 5 days of intense training and Barre classes at morning as well as at the evening their passion grew. The prestigious instructors Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred de Vito, both with 30 years of experience in the sports scene encouraged and motivated Tanja and Anja to open their own studio, the idea for Studio.12 was born. Back in Munich, they found the desired premises, which could unite exclusivity and quality in one, in Bogenhausen in November 2013.The beautiful old residential building was turned into a modern Barre studio with exclusive ambient, in only 3 months. The pantry was converted into showers and the former office rooms got grand mirrors and beautiful oak ballet bars. With great dedication and a strict schedule the opening deadline in January 2014 was complied. Now a gorgeous studio with wooden floors and a high ceiling with a lot of light is presented to the clients. An accomplished combination of an exclusive private studio and modern comfort.

Tanja and Anja are excited every day to share this with their client.


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