Studio.12 ABC – Advice and Tips for the Studio-Etiquette

A – Awareness 
An attentive contact with one self, with ones body and with ones words and actions and debonair with others is very important to us. Therefore we ask you to be in the studio punctual before start of the class. The studio opens earliest 15 minutes before start of the class. We recommend, arriving 5 minutes before start of the class, at latest.

C – Cleaning of the mat 
We ask you to clean the mat you used after every class. Cleanser and paper towels are provided.

C – Clothing
The clothing should be comfortable, functional, strechy and breathable. For the practicing of Yoga we recommend clothes not too wide as well as no short pants. For men we recommend shorts and short sleeved T-shirts, for ladies a long or semi-longsports pants and a top or T-shirt. You can work out barefooted or with socks, the yoga classes are only barefooted. Our studio offers an exclusive selection of sports and yoga clothing as well as Yoga mats, which are offered to you at an attractive price.

D – Drinking  
You should take care of enough intake of fluids. At least 500 ml before the class as well as 1 litre low calorie liquid after the training are recommended. We provide tea and water for free for all our clients. We also sell coconut water.

F – Food
It is recommended to work out with a relatively empty stomach. After a heavy meal at least 3-4 hours and after a light meal 1-2 hours should pass.

H – Health
Sports and Yoga contribute to a well being and support a good health. When physical restrictions or health related problems exist Yoga and Sports should only be practiced in consultation with a doctor and under instruction of an experienced teacher. At your first visit a sheet concerning your health is to be filled out, on which all relevant restrictions are to be stated. Please also consult your class teacher. In case of acute injuries or diseases, a training is explicitly not recommended.

P – Pregnancy  
Yoga while a pregnancy is pleasant and can sooth many unpleasant accompanying symptoms. Nevertheless, attention when training is advertised. In the first stadium of the pregnancy certain Yoga positions cannot be performed. Other Asanas are not recommended particularly in an advanced stadium of a pregnancy. Please let the teacher know when a pregnancy is present. What positions can be practiced is mainly dependent on how often and how intensive the woman practiced yoga BEFORE the pregnancy. The consent of the doctor should be available before beginning of the class.

R – Registration
You can book a class per email or through our online booking system up to 8 hours before the start of the class, as soon as you are a signed in client in our system. The classes take place at a minimum of 2 participants.

S – Sore Muscles
A day after the training sore muscles are nothing unusual. It is a sign of the body, that it was challenged. However, if you feel pain, particularly in your joints, please let your teacher know. The conduction of the exercises and Yoga positions should get checked and you should make use of the help of a teacher.

T – Transpiration
The increasing of capability with caution and sense is one of the goals of a training aligned to personal fitness. The warm-up of the muscles is important to prevent injuries. Transpiration belongs to a training and cleans the body. We ask you to either bring your own towel, alternatively you can borrow a towel for a low lending fee. We ask you not to use strong perfumed deodorants or scents particularly before the training. An appropriate body hygiene, also before beginning of the class, especially in the warmer summer months, is preferred. In our studio we provide showers as well as fee free hygiene, cosmetic and shower products and blow dryers.


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