Independently if you want to lose weight, want to increase your energy level, want to obtain your vitality, want to improve your life quality, just want to eat “better” or have symptoms such as food intolerances, migrane or pain in your joints, we offer nutrition counseling/KPNI therapy at Studio.12.

The main topics of the counseling contain include, among others, an optimization of the metabolism, usage of nutrition as medicine, improvement of regeneration, orthomolecular support, adequate movement, stress reduction and, first and foremost, wed like to tutor your understanding for certain coherences, so called Deep Learning. The approach is individual for every client, sustainability is the goal.

Many modern symptoms lie upon similar mechanisms of action. A permanently disturbed balance of a human can lead to the emerge of diverse symptoms such as allergies, asthma, permanent infections, inefficiencies and a malfunction of the thyroid glands. KPNI is a integrated method which can influence the correlations of the three critical parts brain, metabolism and immune system.

You can find further information on KPNI (clinical psycho-neuro-immunology) under or

For appointments with Anja Riesenberg, KPNI-therapist, alternative practitioner contact

First appointment with detailed anamnesis (approximately 90 min.) 180 €, further appointments ( 60 min ) 100 €.

Appointments can also be in English.


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