Are you already a Personal Trainer for Pilates, Aerobic or exercise instructor and would like to teach Barre-Fusion?

Then get a qualification for training at the Barre from us. We have more than 15 years of experience in the area of training.

The training includes 18 teaching units in two days. A detailed manual with photos of the Barre exercises and their respective variations will be handed out. In addition you will receive an official participation confirmation of the training.

Different examples for the structure of a Barre-Fusion class will be explained practically and written. The class format is divided into single blocks according to the muscle groups. For almost every muscle group there are exercises with and without the Barre with different variations in tempo, rhythm and the positioning, in order to achieve the feeling of a little choreography without having to dance.

Barre masterclasses for different levels of fitness will be shown and explained. The music pieces will be picked out according to the exercises at the Barre. Playlists with examples will be handed out. To ensure the high quality of this seminar is the maximum 8 participants.

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